KELRU has been in the forefront of making sure that whoever is looking after young children must be equipped with the necessary skills of basic Early Childhood Development. If a child was not introduced to early childhood development during their early years, they tend to drop-out from formal school.


We need to ensure everyday that these children get the needed stimulation in order for them to have a brighter future, in turn, a healthy people. These child-minders often come from disadvantaged communities and therefore cannot afford training. That is why we need funding in order to continue offering this much needed service to our community and therefore touching and changing young children's lives once again.

For those practitioners who are competent in Level 4, an elective will be offered on Managing a Small Scale Early Childhood Development Service.

Training of Early Childhood Development Practitioners

This is training of Early Childhood Development child minders, caregiver and

preschool teachers in Level 1 and Level 4 as provided for in the SETA requirements.

Everyday we see a high rise of mushrooming ECD Sites in and around our communities and these child minders often lack skills to develop a young child holistically. Since 1991
Katlehong is situated on the South of Alberton in the East Rand.

It has an estimated population of over 800,000. Due to the acute shortage of housing, Katlehong is characterised by a very large number of background shacks, RDP .

In 1995 KELRU became independent and had a Board of Trustees. In January 1996, KELRU was registered as a Trust. .

Project Description

The Katlehong Early Learning Resource Unit (KELRU) was established in January 1991. It was part of the Urban Foundation National Pre-School Services to children in disadvantaged urban communities through innovative and sustainable approaches.